How To Use Shareit for PC

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Sometimes, you are in dire need to transferring files from your android or iPhone devices to your PC, but face difficulty due to the limitations imposed by iOS system. There are many apps available for this purpose but the problem is that they use the cloud system which means the file needed to be shared is first uploaded on an external server then you can download it on receiving device. This is an easy process, but it requires an internet connection. So what to do when there is no internet connection available around?

If you want to share your files between different computers and mobile devices in the house without using an internet connection, here they present Share-it. Share-it is very simple to use app. It allows you to send files from/to your mobile phone and PCs without having to connect the internet. You don’t need a connection, Bluetooth or USB cables to transfer your data. It is content sharing app which works on multiplatform including android devices, iOS devices, windows phones and personal computers.

This great file sharing app allows you to transfer any kind of files including all format photos, videos, audio files, documents and many more. Shareit is free to use app and can be downloaded and installed from play store.

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SHARE FILES any time

If you want the photos and videos captured by mobile phone being transferred to your personal computer, you don’t need to worry anymore. To send files from mobile to pc is a very easy process. In order to know how to use Shareit for pc, just follow these guidelines:

      • Before moving on, you nee to make sure that Shareit is installed on all devices of choice so they are detected to send files.
      • Drag the files you need to transfer by using the send button.
      • Once you have selected the files to be sent, click the “Next” button.
      • Now sending device is going to detect the nearby computer.
      • On receiving device (computer), you need to press “receive button”.
      • The receiver accepts the file and you are done with sharing files between mobile and pc.
      • In case of sharing files between two PCs, you have to follow the same process.

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Although this process of sharing files between different devices can be done without an internet connection, but to connect two devices you require a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth network. Try and share you experience with your friends.

Shareit app to transfer files without connection

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With modern technology, we have several ways to transfer files from one device to another using mainly Internet, or the older but still in use, Bluetooth technology. But both transmission methods have advantages and disadvantages. Through apps that require an Internet connection, you can transfer files containing a large amount of data on a relatively high speed. But in order to exchange data, of course, you need an internet connection. The problem arises when we are facing absence of an internet connection. In the absence of connection, we have to use Bluetooth technology which prevents the transfer of large files size, given the low speed of transfer and reception.

So we feel the need to transfer files without Bluetooth and without internet connection. To address this issue, they have launched this product known as Shareit. Shareit is an app created to transfer files at high speed without using any connection, if not, as we shall see, the technology tethering and Wi-Fi router. The development team says that it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth and supports all file types.

Transfert Files with your mobile phone


The configuration of Shareit is quite simple. You just have to choose your nickname, set an icon / profile photo and you’re done. In the main screen of the app, you can see the receive and send buttons (buttons from the obvious function). The send button allows you to transfer all data from your old device to the new one. You can also view the history of the shares.

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Once you have set the target device which is going to receive the files, you move on to the sending process. By clicking “submit”, you get access to the files on the device listed in contacts, apps, photos, music, videos and files. Once you have selected the items you need to transfer, you have to choose the receiving device and within seconds / minutes the file (or files) is transmitted.

How to install ShareIt for PC

But the question that arises is that how files are transferred? The answer is simple. The receiver automatically switches tethering and Wi-Fi router. The device, to which you have to send the files, connects with Wi-Fi automatically to the virtual network that has generated the app on the receiving device.

So you see how easier it has become to transfer and share files between different devices through this incredible software names as Shareit. You must give it a try to experience the wonders yourself. You may use Shareit for PC and mobile.

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